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Grégoire Altan-Bonnet

is an associate member in the programs in Computational Biology and Immunology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (New York NY). His research combines experimental approach (single-cell phosphoprofiling) and computational modeling to address varied issues in T cell activation (from TCR/cytokine signaling to cell differentiation).
website: ImmunoDynamics group @ MSKCC

Phil Hodgkin

Matthew Krummel

studies immune dynamics at the University of California, San Francisco. I am interested in practical ways to understand emergent features of the immune response. Lab website.

Richard Neher

works at the MPI for Developmental Biology in Tuebingen, Germany. I am interested in evolution, population genetics, and the interaction between viral populations and the immune system.

Karen Ong

is a medical/graduate student working with Charlie Peskin at New York University's Computational Biology program (with the NYU Medical Center). I am interested in the spatial spread of infection within hospitals, the interaction of the microbiota with the immune system, and Michaelis-Menten dose-response curves in any context.

Alan Perelson

Ruy Ribeiro

works at Los Alamos National Laboratory, in New Mexico, USA. I use quantitative modelling tools to gain insight into viral and immune system dynamics. I am interested in understanding the pathogenesis of chronic viral infections (such as HIV and hepatitis B and C).

Leïla Perié

works in Rob de Boer's lab in Utrecht, The Netherlands and Ton Schumacher's lab in Amsterdam. I am interested in a lot of thing but at the moment I am working on hematopoietic cells differentitation. We are using cellular barcoding technology to follow single cells differentiation.

Fabio Zanini

works in Richard's lab at the MPI for Developmental Biology in Tuebingen, Germany. My work focuses on HIV and the genetic changes induced by the immune system to the viral genome.

Anton Zilman